My 2018 Birthday – Plus buy one get one free sale

My 2018 Birthday

Thank you my subjects for your sweet messages and thoughtful birthday gifts! My recent birthday was made ever so much more special.  The demonstration of devotion made your Lady feel cherished and loved. As a reward you have saved your little asses from my whip and flogger at least for a week (hehehe). Although the thought of fucking your ass with my strap-on while you are helplessly chained to my spanking bench makes your Lady wet with excitement (mmmm). My subject I know that I can be Hard on your brainwashed submissive asses sometimes, although know that your efforts to please, pleasure and serve your Lady do not go unnoticed.

If you missed my birthday this year,  you are welcome to send a tribute or please your Lady in another way. Maybe add your Lady’s Birthday into your calendar for next year. J

Three Day belated Birthday Sale (Buy One get One free)  

As a thank you for making my Birthday so special this year, you will have the next 3 days to receive 1 free file (equal or lesser value) for every file you purchase during the same period. The thought of my subjects/recruits laying naked, hard and yearning for me while I continue your training and enslavement to your Lady. Oh I wonder what files you will listen to my subject:

  • maybe one in which you get your ass fucked
  • maybe you will be turned into my helpless submissive servant who’s only purpose is to obey and serve
  • or maybe you be cum my masturbating bitch who is required to squirt their inferior JIZZ until you are empty (hehehe).

The thought of what my files might have you do makes me wet. I would love to hear about your experience. Maybe in the future we could plan a private call so we could explore those submissive desires and cravings further.

Now, cum my horny subjects and purchase your files within the next 3 days then send me an email with your user name/email address with the free file you wish.


Ta Ta,


Lady Helena