A tribute to some of My Boot Camp recruits

Boot Camp recruits

A tribute to some of My recruits…. My Boot camp may push a few limits but I Only receive admiration… hehehehe… I adore My slaves, My recruits and My privates… Thank you to all that contribute and allow Me to live out My fetishes of Control and Domination!

This is just a few examples of what they have shared:

Quote A:

“The slave also has to keep in mind, that his Owner spends a lot of effort in his training. He has submitted on his free will and was granted the ultimate honor to be accepted as a slave. Being disobedient would mean to be ungrateful. The slave would betray himself, because he would be acting against his own desires. Even if he doesn’t understand the purpose of a command, he must not question it, as he can trust his Owner to know what’s best. This is why total obedience can in fact a liberation for the slave’s mind.”

Quote B:

“Wanting to submit to Owners control fuels recruit’s obedience. Other is orgasm control and the fact that this recruit spends most of its time caged in chastity. Chastity makes this recruit more obedient since it can’t spend its days jerking off. Chastity keeps recruit focused on Owners. It makes things simpler with other members of the opposite sex. Meaning that recruit is in chastity. It is not getting any. There is no hotter thing than to be teased and denied. When horny enough recruit is even ready to do some humiliating things. Maybe if recruit pleases Owners it is granted little relief now and then. That’s making recruit hard and eager to please Owners.”

Quote C:

“With Lady Helena I have done things I didn’t think I would ever do. I have never felt such completeness without Her. Its why I want to serve Her, to obey Her, because without Her I would be nothing.”

Quote D:

“Please Lady Helena, please Commander, please lead this recruit one step closer to being a perfect obedient slave for you. This recruit needs your strict discipline to be the best it can be, to be its best at pleasing You.”

You may have missed my recent boot camp, although if you yearn to experience being enslaved to a powerful dirty minded (and sometimes cruel) hypnodomme then listen to my enslavement files and/or listen to the Boot Camp audio series.

Ta Ta
Lady Helena