2018’s Summers End


The last days of summer 2018 are quickly approaching, the days are becuming shorter and nights longer. However My darling, in some ways I enjoy the longer nights, yet I do enjoy the hot weather.

Just a few weeks ago your Lady was on the beach. My slave imagine how your Lady looked in her sexy bikini, laying on a towel, white sand, my beautiful long legs spread apart, my gorgeous breasts and body glistening from droplets of water after a dip in the ocean. I know that the simple thought of my body makes you a little hard and wet. I honestly can’t imagine how you would have managed to control yourself. You would have been looking for ways to touch yourself… hehehe. Although the fact that I would keep you locked in a chastity cage might have prevented any masturbating…hehehe.

These thoughts get your Lady a bit wet… I imagine you wearing a tight bathing suit specifically selected by Me, to show the outline of your chastity cage. If you are lucky other women and men on beach would think you were just well-endowed or maybe a little excited (being surrounded by your Lady and her friends). Yet those who choose to stare a little longer would know the truth my horny slave boy. Hehe. Who knows you might even make their day, or at least give them a laugh and something to talk about.

My darling, imagine the key to the chastity device between my amazing beautiful breasts, how hard and helpless you would be, unable to be cum or even achieve a full erection and yet surrounded by your Lady and her bikini clad friends. I’m guessing you would find yourself leaking quite a bit as you massaged sunscreen into My beautiful body. Imagine being required to rub sunscreen on My breasts, butt, legs, feet, etc. All the while knowing that failure to cover every spot would result in extended chastity period, flogging and/or kali’s teeth being added to your chastity device for the rest of the vacation. hehe

The reality is that even if you were somehow able avoid punishment during my 2018 beach vacation with friends. I would likely have kept you chastised (without release). As you know the little thing between your legs is for my pleasure and usage (not yours). My pleasure cums from your torment, submission and helplessness, thus the thought of your sexual torment and humiliation without any form of release makes me wet (very wet). This all shared I promise you that you would have had to orally serve me and maybe my friends daily.

My darling, you missed cumming with my friends and I on our summer beach vacation. This shared I do hope you enjoyed your summer. This shared if my little story made you horny, why not listen to my recently released Triggers of Insanity (evil smile). hehe

FALL BOOT CAMP – New Recruits

Your Lady will be running my fall enslavement Boot Camp beginning the first Monday in September (September 3rd) although be warned the experience is not for the faint of heart. Just like in the military not all who start the boot camp make it to the end. The Oh how wet your Lady is thinking about all the ways I will use my new recruits. The question is do you have the stamina to make it to the end. The recruits will be torn down mentally, physically and sexually to your very core as the Boot Camp uses powerful hypnotic, physical and sexual conditioning techniques. At which point I will rebuild you into my perfect enslaved soldier. This will be life changing and a femdom experience you don’t want to miss.

This will be the second set of recruits as I have had request from those who missed out during the first month. So as a gift to those recruits that participated (failure or graduation) I will allow you to go through this again with a few new twist to your daily assignments for Only $50. To enroll in my Fall Boot Camp, send your Lady an email.