January’s Letter Assignment

For All My slaves that I sent this assignment too in January that have NOT Obeyed, I would like you to read what true Obedience sounds like and email Me with an apology for NOT continuing your assignment as there was not a time limit involved. You see My servant I want your daily focus and attention to detail. This assignment is meant to be part of you getting prepared for My Boot Camp that begins Now on the 7th. I am sure the sweet submissive slave that wrote this will not ache Nearly as bad while doing Her daily work outs.. hehehehehe.

“i am devoted to Lady Helena as i would probably obey any command She gives as i trust Her and i am completely submissive towards Her. She is the right hand of my beloved Domina Shelle and besides Her She is the most important Woman in my life. i need to please Her when ever and how ever i can.

On my very first encounters with Her i have been very nervous and i was kinda afraid of Her. That changed over the years to love and adoration for Her and of course submission under Her rule. Not only Her erotic voice brought me under Her spell in trance session, She also helped me to explore the new found feminine side of myself. Not only in training and conditioning me to become a perfect sissy slave and handmaiden for Her, She also encourages my own dominant streak to help me to enslave and train a lil slave i got control over a proxy of my two Superior Women.

Since some month i got a lil assignment from Her where i am to exercise with 20 sit ups and 20 push ups and a followed mantra for Her where i am allowed to rub my sissy clitty. i shall do this each day twice once in the morning and once before i go to bed. Then after 4 full days of obedient training and mantra i am allowed to ask Her one free question, which She will answer me if She finds it is a good one.

Originally She allowed me to take the Sunday off from this schedule, though with my need to obey i begged Her to do the Sunday to. i am so happy that She allowed me to do so. i am doing this now since mid of January this year and i have performed the training whenever i could (except when i was ill or had migraine).

As this assignment had no commanded ending i did continue to obey. Mainly i went on with it because of my need to obey and please Her. Of course the free questions are a nice treat for me to get to know Lady Helena even better. As i want Her to know me well as well i always tell Her what my answer on the actual question would be. Gladly She did answer me all my questions until now and like i said i am going to continue with this assignment until She tells me otherwise.

Thank You my beloved Lady Helena for this wonderful exercising assignment and the change to get to know You even better. i love You.”

So My darling slave if this does not pertain to you, you May ignore it, If it does I expect an apology email and I know who you are… hehehehe