Bootcamp Recruits…

Bootcamp Begins

Life has been wonderful the last two weeks… After helping out with our City after the devastation of the Tornado, Finally everything became calm and BOOT CAMP began.  I am a PROUD COMMANDER of MANY recruits that desire to become MY Privates, My soldiers.

It has been a couple of HARD weeks, so Many strenuous work outs.

  • So Many Days of No Touching
  • So Many Days of Edging….

But We are almost to WEEK 3 and I have ONLY HAD ONE FAILURE… IF there are more… well My spy’s WILL FIND THEM.. hehehe

I have to give My recruits a big SHOUT OUT and Let them Know that I am PROUD of each of them for every sacrifice.

Maybe they do not deserve bathroom clean up with a tooth brush next week… hehehehehe

I have enjoyed ALL of this MOST …. Well because I love My victims HELPLESS and Isolated…  hehehe.. It is so much easier to control them…  I mean their nipples May be a little sore… Their bodies drained from working out, but I promise that they are THROBBING and waiting anxiously on what is to CUM next week… hehehehe.. I doubt they will though.. hehe.. two MORE weeks to go…

I am LOVING MY LIFE and Control!

Your NOW or Future Commander,

Lady Helena