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The Key to your Dirty Secrets

Chained Box

Have you ever thought about sharing the key to your secrets you keep locked inside your box… And no you dirty boy I was actually thinking of the thoughts in your actual brain…My silly subject… hehehehe.

I suspect that we all have many private thoughts that we don’t want the outside to see…We try to cover them and go about our busy lives, always craving that extra something… Ignoring the thing that really intrigues’ and excites us… I do wonder how much we hide of ourselves My subject?

I know I am a very private person… Yes I have had My share of fun but I do get lonely. In part because you are not under My lock and key… I crave your submission My subject…I want you to try to get close enough to Me that maybe I might open up My darling…

I would love to put our thoughts in a box and scramble them just to see where they Come out. So my HORNY subject, lets take that step and get a little closer by you listening to my Dirty Little Secrets file.

I can imagine the other side of that hypnotic private box… I see you at My precious feet and loving every moment. Your Dominatrix’s loneliness would disappear as you watch Me and try so Hard to figure out what I am thinking. Would you attempt to learn more about why I love control or would you simply kneel and Obey Me the way that I wish My darling? Why don’t we play and figure it out… what do you think? More importantly, do you think My Key would lock you under My spell or release your inner thoughts? Hahahaha.. Maybe it would be both.. . I am looking forward to finding out My darling subject…

Until then… Ta Ta from your Lady Helena