My idea of Relaxation

Relaxation is Very Personal

I have been daydreaming for a while now about what true relaxation feels like. My Subject is it odd that My idea of relaxation may be completely opposite of yours? Like, When I think of comfort sometimes it is the thought of you on your knees before Me. Other times it is Me holding a riding crop with you on all fours before Me. Occasionally I think of you pleasing Me in ways that I can’t really express here… hehehehe… It is always the same though, you beneath Me.

I am sure that when you think of relaxation that it is normally the thought of you hearing My Voice and Me allowing you to slip into thoughts of Me over you. you May even imagine yourself on all fours, and begging for More. Whatever your desires are, I am sure you fantasize about Me Dominating you and your thoughts.

Isn’t it wonderful to be different My subject? Isn’t it wonderful that the words Submission and Dominance exist?

I want to know your thoughts and what it is you fantasize and desire My subject. Why don’t you email Me and tell Me your secrets and allow Me to guide you as you daydream

ta ta,

Lady Helena