The Wrath of Lady Helena

The Wrath of Lady Helena

I was thinking about relationships in general…. All the kinds of relationships, the Vanilla and the ones of all flavors My Obedient slave. The thing is, they are not too different. Your significant other wants your attention and wants to know that they are thought of throughout the day, well My slave, that is all I want. I want to train you to be better for ONLY Me or for each of us. Yes, I may seem harsh in some ways.. I like to torture and tease sometimes. Occasionally you may even see a sweet side.. . I assure now that I have multiple personalities and you may never know what you will get.

For instance I did something Very special for a slave on Valentines day so that he could impress his Love.. He knows the punishment of Me humbling him Myself awaits… This is what He sent to Me because I am making the slave wait to learn what he has to do.

“The Wrath of Lady Helena”

No one could survive her wrath, can you?

Prepare yourself on the 28.06.2017 you can prove yourself or fail horribly…

This wasn´t helpful at all…

Please just punish me… Please, please, please punish me

PLEASE PUNISH me Lady Helena!!!

Please let me get through it…

Poor little slave has to wait.. But this brings Me back to My point…In a Vanilla or non Vanilla relationship….Sometimes it is all about giving your significant other something to look forward too… hahahaha.

My Bubble Bath

This shared I do hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day. I spent the evening alone this year, although I look forward to a few dinners out and some salon visits that were provided by some very special slaves.  I want to thank you all for looking for Me, you know who you are. Spending Valentines evening alone, in My bubble bath and relaxing with a bottle of wine, gave Me some time to think My slave.

Look forward to a little Vanilla Next week…

Whips & Kisses,

Lady Helena