Welcome to Lady Helena’s Lair

Welcome to my Lair! If you yearn to be enslaved, helpless at a superiors feet and measure up, you have found your Dominatrix and Goddess. I have years of Domination experience and specialize in training slave boys to serve, worship and obey. I produce erotic Control and Domination MP3 file sessions, have assignments, and use personal phone or texting for individualized slave training and Femdom sessions.

C#m and My site to find what you need. I will be expanding My areas of interest. Contact Me about any particular interest or fetish you want to explore with Me. Ask for My Questionnaire. The better I know you, the more individualized your training will be. I like to personalize My interactions with you, once I know you are serious and committed. I am straight forward and tolerate No time wasters.

your Instructions start this week with an extreme strap-on training This is a good example of what I expect from My obedient submissives and slaves, to serve and obey your Mistress. teaching My slave boys to please Me by doing whatever you are told to do.

I take control only of GENUINE submissives who demonstrate their devotion to serve Me. I will become your obsession and pleasure. you will discover a compelling need to have Me in your mind and beg Me to take control of your body, especially your c*ck, which I will own and take you as My property. I will teach you that pleasure and arousal are intensified when you please ME. you will be trained to serve Me well. I will keep you hard whenever you think of Me throughout your day. you will work to EARN My permission to stroke and orgasm. you will crave your enslavement… Be totally under My control. If you please Me I may reward you.

I am taking calls with APPOINTMENTS. I am making time available for days and nights. Complete the form or email Me with a request.

You will want to keep coming back and explore what’s new here. As you learn of your to become My helpless prey, slave boy. The Menu gives you a listing of what is available… However, I will guide you every step of the way. I highly recommend you start your journey on my “a slave boy’s path”. As shared, if you yearn for personal training request My slave questionnaire so that I can get to know you better. This will allow your Lady to decide exactly what I will do with you. Looking forward to exploring your darkest secrets and fetishes, slave boy.