Erotic Hypnosis MP3s


Welcome to Lady Helena’s Lair in which you will quickly learn your place on your knees, helpless stroking and powerless as your listen to my Erotic Hypnosis MP3s. Your cravings will grow to the point that you will yearn for me and worship me. I will implant fetishes and desires into your little inferior brain as you experience erotic femdom beyond your wildest dreams. Overtime you will become addicted to my voice, helpless to commands all the while receiving pleasure from pleasing, serving and amusing your hypnotic Dominatrix.

Beware my helpless toy, once you start down this path there will be no escape from my Lair. My hypnotic cage and bonds is created from   your deepest and darkest sexual desires and needs. Using my erotic hypnosis MP3s will make you c#m to experience the wildest, hottest and most erotic femdom hypnosis you may ever experience. I will enslave your mind and body while turning you into my perfect helpless little toy.

So don’t be fool, read the descriptions carefully, and try a sample before purchasing my files. I strongly recommend that you are naked in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed, in order to listen to My MP3 files using stereo headphones.


WARNING: My hypnotic files are very strong and will effect you, therefore for your own safety you should not listen to them while operating vehicles or machinery.