Custom recordings

Custom recordings for your Entrancement.

Surrender to your fantasies and to My hypnosis. Pleasure yourself…. with your personalised 35 minute custom recording. Open yourself up and …Surrender…. give up control…. submit…to My brainwashing….My programming…My delicious hypnosis …My silky sexy southern accent.

The time is right…. to begin that special training journey, deep into My control. I am that Hypno Domme you have been searching for…. who understands you, and who will use hypnosis to change your world. It may be that you ache … to be more obedient as a submissive….. or to have Me strengthen and control your fetish attachment…. or take you into the world of your deepest darkest fantasy. Perhaps your ordinary, vanilla life needs …more confidence…passion…. goal setting.

Subliminal tracks are also recommended for Custom recording, as an additional means of hypnotic embedding my commands.

Erotic Whisper ASMR tracks are recommended as an additional & highly effective means of embedding hypnosis. A part or full length Erotic Whisper ASMR track will cost extra.

I include Theta Brain wave attunement music at no extra cost.

35 minute length custom recording is particularly well-suited to those submissives who have experienced hypnosis sessions/mp3s before, and who readily slide into trance. If you have no/little experience of hypnosis, or have difficulty entering a trance state, I recommend a longer custom recording (typically 45 minutes) which includes an induction that reflects and works with, your hypnosis history. The cost will therefore be more for longer recordings. Cost will be finalised when I talk with you about the Custom Recording.

Three types of custom files

  1. Personalized Overlay File – This is where I will add one or two overlay tracks to a
    current file–(Repeating your name—a short message). This will add $7 to the
    cost, and will generally be available within 3-5 days.
  2. Personalized file –where I will change a current file addressing you
    personally throughout. This will add $25 to the cost, and will generally be
    available in 7-10 days.
  3. Custom recordings – where I will make a new file based on one of your ideas. The
    price for these commonly range from $300-$500, depending on the length and complexity, and could,
    depending on my work load, take up to ten weeks.

Custom Recording fee

The Custom Recording fee is for a 35 minute long, mp3. The basic custom file cost is $350.00 for 35 mins additional fee of 10 dollars per minute for every additional minute.

Note: Custom recordings usually carry a proviso that – with specific info deleted such as name & identifying info- it may be released for general sale.


Typically custom recordings turned around in 4-5 weeks.


Before arranging payment, send an email and include the following:

  • Induction you respond to
  • Focus and goal of hypnosis session
  • Your name, if you want that used in the recording.
    details that you want included in the recording.

Once received I will arrange to contact you to finalise the recording details.