Orgasmic Obedience


The Orgasmic Obedience file implants a most deliciously wicked hypnotic trigger…once successfully rooted inside your little head I will be able have cum on command like a good HORNY inferior animal. This erotic hypnotic trigger is the first in a series.


Orgasmic Obedience (41 Minutes):

My darling subject, in the Orgasmic Obedience file I implant a most deliciously wicked hypnotic trigger…which you will absolutely love. This is the first file of series of numerous triggers which I will implant into your Excited little mind.  In which I will drop you DEEP into my erotic control as I touch your most animalistic cravings. My voice will have you HARD, LEAKING and helpless as your Lady brings you to the bliss of true submission found only by my words.

My submissive toy, can you imagine ultimately releasing on command like a good little inferior animal. Given time and repetitive listening this file will implant such a trigger. You can’t IMAGINE how much fun it will be for me to control you in such away. The thought of you helplessly responding to my command, as you squirt within moments of my command in the future. How much you will yearn for my words, how HARD you will become as you automatically start STROKING with My Command. The pleasure combined with the sexual submission you will experience as you Helplessly EDGE to the point of no return and then squirt all over yourself. hahaha

I know you want this my obedient subject! I know you need this level of control! Oh you can’t resist your place as my helpless squirter and listen to my Orgasmic Obedience.

Note: In order for this training file to touch your animal mind you will need to listen and obey the instructions within the file at least once a day for a minimum of 21 days (PS you might wish to acquire some lubricant).

Additional information

Length (Min)

40 to 50




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