Don’t Think

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After listening to this session you will not have the capacity to even ask that question, never mind answer it. This powerful hypno and erotic enslavement training will enable you learn to OBEY without thought while reducing your ability to think for yourself, and therein lies the trap.


Don’t Think (44 Minutes):

My servant I have a wonderful seductive trap for your little mind.  I want to deeply enslave it so that you become completely submissive to My will. I know you find My velvety voice so alluring, so compelling that you feel helpless and obedient to Me. But, My darling, true pleasure for the submissive mind can only be attained through subservience of your thoughts to Mine, this is where you are freed of the need to think and question whatever I may ask of you. This notion of ultimate freedom and selflessness is what I offer in this session along with the unique opportunity (with My permission) to gaze at an image of Your beautiful Dominatrix, imagining what it would feel like to focus on Me and only Me, losing all sense of self and becoming one with My commanding presence.

Isn’t the thought of be taken by a powerful bewitching Dominant Woman with no thought, no question and no resistance so sexy? Well with Your Lady’s guidance and direction you will quickly learn that YOU DO NOT THINK in My presence you only OBEY, experiencing and doing whatever I decide. I understand you, the submissive so well My darling, because you are inexplicably and inexorably dependent on Me, so I know you will accept me telling what you are, MY SLAVE, and that you will OBEY ME to experience the freedom and pleasure of true submission.

Do you think you can resist this spell My would-be slave? Well after listening to this session I am confident that you will not have the capacity to even ask that question, never mind answer it. hehehe Through this training the more you learn to OBEY Me the less you will be capable of thinking for yourself, and therein lies the obvious trap I have set for you. But MY SLAVE I know you, and what compels you, and you WILL listen to this session because in the end you know there is really no choice! You listen and obey and YOU DO NOT THINK…

Included with this session is an image of your glorious indomitable Lady Helena to further cement your adoration and subservience to Me.

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40 to 50

2 reviews for Don’t Think

  1. slave toby

    Wow, this was amazing. Thank You Lady Helena. Not thinking and just obeying is so liberating and relaxing. Went so deep in this. After listening this I’m feeling so fresh and well rested. Also very horny.

  2. Benji270568

    i tend to think way to much, i overthink alot, even the easiest things sometimes even commands,
    i know i shouldn´t do it and depending on what i overthink i make myself feel quiet bad by doing so,
    but this File, it not just showed me how much easier it can be to not think and just obey, it also helped
    me to get myself to overthink less, so ähm yeah Thank you Lady Helena, you often told me to think
    less and by now with this File i feel like i finally achieved it, it´s sooo good to not think, to only obey
    and if i ever find myself going back to thinking to much i just will go ahead and listen again 😀

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