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Are you a submissive in need of training to serve the right demanding Dominatrix you have been looking for? Wanting to live a life of meaningful servitude and devotion in a personal Dom/slave relationship?…Searching and craving to explore your darkest fetishes with somebody REAL.


You should begin this training On a Monday THE First group begins this Monday for a special introductory offer.  My training is firm and direct. If you improve your skills as a recruit and make a commitment to serving Me, I am going to take you in hand and satisfy All your needs for submission, obedience, worship, servitude and the dark fetish experiences you crave.

This training is a test of your endurance and dedication to Obedience and submission to My control and Domination. This is a training program of 8 sessions, 4 loop files and a daily fitness training as well as daily tasks and diet regiments, I expect you to obey every order. You will have opportunities to have More time with Me as well My darling slave.


You will be trained to serve, worship and obey and devote yourself to something greater than yourself, a powerful Woman, who takes control, takes possession, collars and owns you….. who trains you to reflect MY will, My interests, My pleasure, My expectations. Your arousal and pleasure is found in your surrender, submission, obedience, and your need to please Me, make Me happy and satisfied with you. you will experience servitude and an enslavement you didn’t think possible which will give new purpose to your life.


If you want to experience the need for submission and obedience like never before. Learn the pleasure of Chastity and sacrifice, Come under My cock control….worship to indulge your fetishes…The whole spectrum of being a good slave serving. spoiling and pleasing your Commander….and earn My attention and approval.


Don’t keep Me waiting slave boy.


Ta Ta

Lady Helena



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