Happy New Years My Darlings

Welcome back, My darling subjects, to My world of Fetish Exploration and Domination. I hope all My servants have been staying healthy and safe during this insane year with the dreadful Pandemic. I was thinking of you and wishing you the very best for a healthy New Year in service to your Lady Helena. And I hope your Christmas was as merry as possible under the circumstances.

2020 has been such a difficult year for everybody. My (other) career pulled Me away from you and I have missed you so much. I also had some personal matters and responsibilities to take care of which has made your Lady less available to My subjects. I know how much you missed Me, so l’ll share what has been happening in My life. I have seen so much sadness in children’s lives this year in My work. Families torn apart over the stresses of a year with Covid. This has caused a lot of self reflection. Some days I feel like there are only so many pennies that I can’t even keep one for Myself and I know you have missed having your needs satisfied. It won’t be long. HEHEHE

A VERY important part of My life is HERE with you and I am determined to have you feel My focus on you, My darling servant! So, I’m back feeling energized, ready to resume My responsibilities of taking charge of My minions. I will be recording several sessions for you and expect to have them available in a week or so with a New BLOG. 

My New Years resolution, My goal is to be here to indoctrinate you, to help you to conform in a new way… more on that later, My darling…. To live a healthier physical and mental lifestyle, to live My real life with you as your Domme and you as My devoted servant! So, send Me your goals, one personal and one for health and we will work on them together! In the meantime, you may prepare My sex tool for action next week while repeating this Mantra twice a day. But no cumming, yet.

  • Begging permission to release, i cum only for You.
  • i crave Your Domination and control to live
  • in complete submission and obedience to my Lady Helena.
  • my slave cock is owned and gets hard to please You.
  • Train me to beg for Your orgasm control.
  • To please and spoil You and earn the privilege to stroke,
  • To obey whatever i’m told to win your approval,
  • To live in total servitude and enslavement to My Dominatrix.

Your Commander Lady Helena

P.S. you are not allowed to cum, without My permission. And you get My permission and submit to My control when you please Me with a Whack Tribute.

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