Queen of Vampires

Darling, I know how much you missed your Lady. It’s been a difficult time and I hope all My servants have been keeping safe. I’m here to bring back that swelling in your pants. Hehe I am back in command with a new Halloween story for you as the QUEEN OF VAMPIRES. Find a private place and put on your collar and just focus on your Queen. I am at the center of your fantasies. you keep Me at the center of your life because I am at the source of your arousal and your orgasms.

I take control of you by taking possession of your cock and using it to break your weak will… making you powerless and sinking you into permanent enslavement.Feel My touch rubbing you HARD, growing your submission and need to serve your Queen. Worship and feed My hunger to OWN you and use you, your fantasy come true. you know what it feels like to worship My voluptuous body, to stroke and cum for Me as My submissive, obedient slave boy. My gift to you, My owned slave.

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Take care of yourself, darling. Things have not been easy, but W/we will get there together.