Christmas Presents


My darling servant, we come to the end of another exciting year of tease and torture. I know My submissive servants need to submit and have your Dominatrix take control and Dominate you in mind and body. Are you are getting hard having Me just talk about it? Now’s a good time for a year end review, some changes in My life and a preview of an even more exciting 2020.

Let’s start with something special I have for My adoring and devoted subjects. It’s an extremely erotic session which is My Christmas present to you. Listen to it to keep you Hard and Happy, obsessing over your Lady, during this holiday season. I know what you need and exactly how to give it to you. This gift is all about YOUR pleasure, your reward for your obedience, for spoiling Me this Christmas. I’ll be sending it to you so you can listen to My voice as often as you need to. If you do not receive it, make sure to email Me and BEG for it… hehehe!

I appreciate you wanting to serve Me as best you can. And Christmas is the perfect time to show how much you love and honor your Dominatrix with My CHAMBER SUB link and TRIBUTE options. Be a good slave and make Me happy with you.

Thanks for My little pussy cat who is doing so well. I love stroking her soft fur and it loves to lick My feet. My kitty reminds Me of you, My subject. Stroking and licking, licking and stroking at My feet…. My new puppy needs some strict obedience training to learn to heel and obey his Lady’s commands.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sky diving trip in November. One more thing off My bucket list. Thank you for making it happen for Me. I’ll let you send Me on some new adventures next year. My thanks for your support with My dad. It means a lot to Me. He is doing well. One piece of big news is that I bought My house this year…It’s all Mine. It has a pool where Domina Shelle loves to hang out. So, thanks to all for pool supplies and other things I needed. I love how you love to take good care of Me

To bring you up to date with some changes. I’ve settled more into My Dom career and will have more time with you, My subjects. So for 2020. I’ll stay in touch with you through more frequent blogs. I’ll expand My availability for Live Conditioning Text/Phone Sessions. Look for My Twitter communications and instructions. I’ll keep you obedient and on edge with more brainwashing, erotic fantasies and chastity sessions to take more control of that cock and your ass.hehehehe I’m working right now to bring you back to BOOT CAMP, Part 2…Definitely NOT for beginners. Like everything next year, it’ll be even more advanced and intense. I’ll be expecting more requests for My Obedience contract.

Also a HUGE Thanks for all you do for Domina. She is the center of it all….She puts Herself every day on the line for all of us.
Have a very Happy Holiday and I KNOW you will have the Most Erotic of New Year’s My Darling!

Lady Helena