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The male ego

My darling slave boy, do you get hard thinking about what I would do  
with you if you were with me? Hmmm, I wonder how big that useless  
little thing between your legs can get, if I get you really… really…I  
mean really excited.  Mmmm…just the thought of a hard erect c#ck makes  
Me, your Dominatrix, hot with desire. Are you thick and long? Maybe  
you are one of those males that keeps your length when you are flaccid  
or maybe your little thing shrinks away to almost nothing (especially  
during cold winter days). Hehehehe

I love the thought of keeping my slaves naked, vulnerable and on edge.  
Ensure your nasty male ego never  be cums too big. There is something  
about being able to reach between a slaves legs as he crawls or kneels  
and grab and squeeze his male bits. On a side note, I have been  
practicing with my whip. It is a wonderful 8 Foot long leather whip  
and boy can it hurt. Let’s just say your Lady’s aim isn’t perfect and  
I have left a few marks. Hehehe… So know that sometimes I have been  
known to have my whip miss one of your ass cheeks and hit something a  
little more “precious”.  Hehehehe… Oh my how I would love to see you  
shudder in pain…of course you wouldn’t be able move to much being  
tied down like the good little servant you are.

The question is would this make you harder or softer. If you did not  
know by now, physical pain and pleasure are in reality very closely  
aligned. In some ways it is like “Hot” and “Cold” in extremes they  
would feel the same My slave. Hmmm, if you haven’t already My little  
horny slave boy, ensure you have listen to my “Pain is pleasure”  file  
and accept what I teach you. I can almost guarantee it will be life  
changing, not to mention so much fun when we play together. hehehe

I almost forgot, I’m creating a few special treats for My loyal  
servants over the next little while so visit My site or watch your  
emails. As it is the New Year, I thought I would create a few health  
related files along with my dark ones. My goal is to improve your  
endurance, of course this is purely selfish on My part…hehehehe

Whips and Chains My darling

Ta Ta,
Lady Helena