Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

As I walked along the road one day
Kicking up stones along the way,
I saw a bird of unusual size
Who had a large breast and small, beautiful thighs…

She strutted about and ruffled her wings
Then She did the most ominous thing.
She let out a screech and puffed out her chest
I wanted to run from this evil pest.

As this bird’s mighty exterior did appear
The inside of my chest was filled with fear.
She put one talon forward, the other one next
This troublesome bird was making me vexed.

I then did something that was a great chance.
I kicked a stone at Her to stop her advance.
She then chased the stone, oh joy of great joys!
I felt myself one of the luckiest boys!

Around the corner I ran, straight to my home,
Leaving that bird to find Me  alone.

you may want to befriend a turkey (for that’s what She was)

Or She will attack you simply because.


Hehehe… Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that celebrate with Me.. Otherwise… wherever you are, know that I am thankful for you and your families on these Holidays. I may not always speak sweetly but I do care for you.


Also if you have been waiting on a boot camp update:

IT IS STILL CUMMING QUICKLY! However.. I thought of Holidays and how difficult it would be for Me and For you at times to have 4 to 6 weeks devoted.. So The first course begins January 8th.. This will also help with your Holiday weight… I can be your New Year’s resolution… hehehe…I can NOT wait to Have your Surrender Darling subjects… If you have not asked for a questionnaire and been accepted yet, Please email to ask… This class will be filled soon… Obey and take care of business … hehehehehe…


Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are My darling!


Always, your

Lady Helena