Birthday 2017

How have you been My little subjects? I’m bringing you some good news. My BIRTHDAY is on the 25th of this month. A very important day for both of us My darling. I’m going to let you send Me a PRESENT. This will show you are a serious follower and know how to please Me and get My attention. Send Me an email, when you do and I’ll respond. I’m going to put you in My good boy Book and pay special attention to your progress with My other piece of good news.

I have been busy putting together a very comprehensive slave obedience training program. This will be a very vigorous 4 week BOOT CAMP for subs with strict discipline. you crave submitting to a powerful and demanding Dominatrix who requires submissive males to obey My every command. I will keep you so hard and desperate to please Me and will personally monitor your progress and evaluate your craving for My control and domination. Not every submissive knows what it takes to be a good subject. I do what it takes to get you in good shape to serve and please Me. There will be an option for 2 additional weeks of slave conditioning. Look for complete details and how to apply soon.

In the meantime, email Me for My Boot Camp questionnaire so I know more about you in case you later decide to apply for Camp. I will make your training and improve your skills to be a successful subject for Me and reinforce your dedication and commitment to serving Me.

There will be a limited number of applications for Boot Camp so I can give you more of My personal training. The best way to hold a place for My first Boot Camp is to impress Me with a Birthday gift. You can consider this the beginning of your submissive training My darling…