Are we compatible?

Are your BDSM desires compatible with mine? What are your yearnings and cravings when it cums to your desires around Power exchange? Your Lady knows your addiction and cravings. She knows how you historically have masturbated to female domination images. I know you crave submitting to a powerful and wickedly sexy Woman. Accept My darling that, if you are reading this it is because you yearn to submit, be used and feel helpless.

You know you need to accept your place as my inferior, naked at my feet…groveling to please and serve your Dominatrix. If you have not started my erotic submissive training be warned, at one point you will be cum MINE. I will train and condition your little head making you HARD with desire to please and pleasure your Lady. So just let go and sink deep into your Dominatrix’s power and be cum my submissive. Accept it…this is what you need and desire.

Lady Helena's BDSM Test Results


Will I allow you to join my stable of subjects? That remains to be seen my submissive…you will need to prove if you are compatible. You can start by learning about your Lady….why not check out my BDSM test results. It will give you an appreciation of your Lady’s desires. Then ensure that you explore my site in addition to acquiring and listening to my erotic conditioning files. My audio files will give glimpses into the control I will ultimately have over you My subject.


My darling, know that we will explore very intimate experiences together. To this end, PRIOR to chatting or experiencing a live femdom session with your Lady. You should complete and email Me your BDSM Test results. Maybe keep your results in a safe place so that we can see the changes my training has on your little submissive mind.

Wicked Dreams,

Lady Helena


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