Money Exchange

Tax Time my Subject

Time to pay the Tax Man (or Lady)

My Subject, I arrived home and had to work on taxes for two full days… Do you know how beat up you feel after doing taxes and knowing you have to pay “the Man” or “uncle sam” as they tend to call it here?

So due to My frustration…Here are My thoughts… What do you think you owe Me? What percentage of what I do for you do you feel that you owe Me? Just a question but something to think about… I may eventually Come up with a tax day for you! hahahaha… and you may even have to fill out the tedious forms… Just so I feel better… because you know I feel relief when I can take My stress out on you…. and I can think of so many ways to take things out on you… Hehehe

For Now I am back and will be answering your emails… I hope I am impressed My subject….. Make sure to email Me for calls Next week….and make your contribution

After all your Lady Helena is not as nice as Uncle Sam…

Ta Ta

Lady Helena