Cowgirl in Boots

My Hypnotic Garden

As Many of My subjects may not know, I moved recently… Moving in itself is Always very stressful… But I moved into a little beautiful old farm house. Well I say little but for just your hypnotic Lady Helena there is quite a bit of space. Even the basement that will be converted to, well you should know what My basement will be… hahaha

I have spent the last few months trying to get indoors the way I want it… But Now the weather is nice.. Spring has sprung My subject, your Lady Helena LOVES the outdoors. You may have heard some stories.. hahaha.. If you haven’t you should ask Me… I will tell you…

silhouette of Woman with cropI am on an old farm land. Of course I am NOT attempting a farm My landlord handles the land… but I have a nice area for a garden. Your Lady has spent the last few weekends cleaning it out.. killing the weeds from where it was not attended the last few years and now I am thinking of planting.
Thinking of the baby seeds and plants that I will be growing has made Me think of you. So Helpless and Needing My direction and care.

Just like a baby plant I see you, striving to be the best, desiring to Please Me with the fresh fruit or vegetables that you can produce For Me. Can you imagine My darling subject what I can grow you into? With My direction you can be the best little plant and you can grow For Me. I know you want to be Productive and Please Me… tell Me My darling subject what plant would you like to be For Me, A Ripe Plum beautiful tomato, a Spicy pepper, perhaps a LONG and HARD Cucumber?

Hahahahaha… I can use you and you know that I will take the best care to grow you into the most useful Tool For Myself…and that is exactly what you want… to make Me happy……you know My darling subject that I can Help you and grow you into something very beautiful and tasty For Me…I am patient..hahahaha.. well sometimes I am patient.. But My expectations are high… and you know that I will remain in charge as you feel my Hypnotic Chains. My subject… Now tell Me how you want to Please Me… Ask Me to plant you Now and I will promise to guide you throughout our exciting journey My good little subject!

So My HORNY submissive subject, accept your place in my garden and listen to my latest file, Hypnotic Chains.

Ta Ta…

Lady Helena