Why are you a Domme?

What makes your Domme tick?

Someone asked Me the other day “Why are you a Dominatrix/Domme?” , “What makes you tick?” and “Why do you enjoy punishing your subjects so much”.. Well after I was through laughing I thought about it and My thoughts led Me to think it may be a question many of you have.

Some of you may understand this with My first sentence. I was brought up as a military brat. My father is a Marine and I grew up moving from base to base every couple of years. Not only was I exposed to several men that I considered “full of themselves” but My father is very arrogant and was very demanding. I watched My mother rearrange Her wants and desires all of My younger years. Well until 10 years ago when She finally left him.

I have so much respect for our military. Please do not misunderstand your Lady. I just also contribute a lot of who I am to rebelling against this type of mentality. I decided long ago that I did not like the traditional “man is in charge” relationship.

Of course My First boyfriend was in a military family also. He was My first “everything” and although he also had a bit of an arrogant attitude, he liked to explore. I discovered so much about Myself with him. What sticks out the most though is that I could only gain Pleasure when I was “In charge”. I never enjoyed the vanilla sex. In the couple of relationships I had after that I explored more with toys and tie downs and still was only excited when I was “in charge”.

So My subject, long story short I just want to live My dream. Perhaps I want to have My own “Boot Camp” Much like the military I am simply looking for “A few good men” .

You know you Need training and I know that I am the Perfect Drill Instructor… hahahaha

As My subjects know I am not always personal. I do not share a lot about Me and How I was brought up. This is simply because I am your “Lady”, your “Superior” and I know that you respect My privacy. However, I know that the longer we are connected and the Deeper I bring you that I will open up to you More and More…. It is as though we are building a relationship, one day at a time. I look forward to tomorrow and the next day and the next….

Ta Ta,

Lady Helena

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