Will you be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day Dinner with my Ex

So last year on Valentine’s Day I allowed My ex to take Me out to dinner… He arrived at My house with roses in hand… at which I had to laugh a little, thinking of what exactly I could do with those thorns…  He was so excited to see your Lady as I rarely allow him to take Me out. You see slave boy, he attempted to turn our relationship way too vanilla which is not at ALL exciting for Me. So I broke off the relationship a long while ago… yet he has been begging to c#m back ever since. So I only allow him to take Me out occasionally and when I say take Me out, what I mean is, he PAYs for My drinks and dinner. While watching from the bar as I sit with friends. Although he enjoys this, as He continues to ask…

What made last Valentine’s Day different is that your Lady allowed him to accompany the entire night. After putting the roses in a vase, W/we headed out for a “romantic” evening… Or so He thought.  I took His car keys as we headed to the drive way, opening the trunk of the car and advised him to climb in. He is used to this as he’s not worthy to sit in the car with Me. So I drove to the restaurant where I allowed him to humbly climb out of the trunk and we went inside to enjoy dinner.  I had an amazing bottle of Pinot Noir as he was required to drink warm tap water.  Food wise your Lady enjoyed an amazing surf and turf meal while he nibbled on bread. I have to say He was very attentive and kept asking what he could do to Please Me… also I almost felt a little sorry for him because He seemed to be begging like a lost dog who had been starved for attention but I didn’t feel that bad… hehehe

My slave boy…I must have had a little too much wine as I became very aroused by all of the control and my panties were wet with excitement. At the time I thought about how I could have him satisfy My need for Control and craving for an orgasm.  When the check came to the table, I took My handbag and stood to take my leave…then whispered in his ear, to Meet Me in the ladies room as soon as the bill was paid. Assuming he was ready to enjoy his desert.

Two minutes later he snuck into the Lady’s restroom… The restaurant was a very fancy and expensive with large bathroom stalls, including full walls and full doors (almost like a little room). I motioned for him to c#m inside one of the stalls with Me. Taking of my g-string panties, I put My sex covered panties over his head then commanded him to his knees and told him to lick and orally serve My sacred flower until I exploded. Adding he better remember how I liked it as I did not have all night…

It was so sexually hot being in a public place, hearing others come in and out of the Woman’s washroom…as I tried to control My panting and moaning. At one point I came all over his face, then having him clean my juices. He then replaced My panties and at which time I advise him that I would wait in the entrance and watch the restroom. Giving him  instructions to walk out of the restroom with a woman so that I would know he had been caught in the ladies room.

He did as instructed and I made a joke when he came out and said “Oh honey you were not peeping at the girls again” just to add a little more embarrassment.  He did not laugh but others around us did… Similar to how we had arrived at the restaurant, I drove to my home with him in the trunk. After allowing him out of the trunk and returning his keys, said goodnight giving him a treat of being able to kiss both my cheeks.

So what about this Valentine’s day?

I wonder what I will get into this Valentine’s Day as I have declined his invite… Any ideas My slave?

So slave boy, if you find yourself alone this Valentine’s Day, horny, HARD and craving to submit…why not spend it with me listening to “A Dominant Invasion“.

Whips & Kisses,

Lady Helena